Box for lamp "open-microphone" control for trap and skeet

Availability: On reservation

Box for 13 lamps on Microphone

Code: QSL03

Box for lamp "open-microphone" control for trap and skeet


This accessory has been designed to be able to insert into the microphones a lamp that indicates when the microphone is open. 
The operation is fully automatic. 
The Box is capable of driving a lamp 12 Vdc and 3 watts of power. 
It connects to the Sequencer via the plug of the coin-box. 
Can drive 5 lamps for microphones of the Olympic trap and 8 lamps for microphones of skeet. 
The version with the connectors is indicated in the realization of mobile installations, where the lamp cables are removed, making it easy wiring.


The box receives the command from the sequencer to turn on the lamp.


The box comes ready to use, simply connect the plug to the Sequencer and connect the lamps in the appropriate Plugs.

Standard Equipment:

  • Box with Connectors

Options available on request:

  • 125 Vca or 12/24 Vcc Power Supply Unit

Where can it be applied?

It is applied in the fields provided with our sequencer.