Skeet unit with radio control

Availability: On reservation

Power Supply Unit 230 V or 110 V or 12 V with Push-button Panel with 40 mt cable and Radio

Code: CSR02

Skeet unit with radio control


ELFIPA has created a Timer to release trap machines on shooting ranges dedicated exclusively to Skeet. It can control both the traps and the signal lamps. The delay in the release goes from 0 to 3 seconds, with the possibility of setting the maximum time through a trimmer. The release occurs thanks to a Radio Control, from which you can choose the direct or delayed release. Connecting the Skeet Unit to our Automatic Sequencer, it is possible to release with a phonopull. In this way, besides, the scores can be displayed on monitors and a computerised management of the competition is possible. It is possible to connect the Automatic Token Machine to the Skeet Unit. ELFIPA has provided Skeet power supply units to many shooting ranges all over the world.


The releasing trap is selected by pressing one of the buttons on the Radio Control. The appropriate signal light will then come on. Two switches on the Radio Control are used to select whether the release of the trap will be immediate or if it will be timed (from 0 to 3 sec.). 


The installation is very simple. The connections are made directly on some terminals placed on the card.

Standard Equipment:

  • Power Supply with Radio Control

Options available on request:

  • 115 Vac or 12/24 Vcc Power Supply

Where can it be applied?

It is to be applied in Skeet ranges.