15 channels transmitter with smart-card for hunting and skeet

Availability: On reservation

Transmitter with Smart-card to be joined with the Receivers

Code: TXS15

15 channels transmitter with smart-card for hunting and skeet


ELFIPA has studied and created a Radio system for the shooting range. 
This system is able to satisfy the needs of the people, who has to control a machine for the hunting range or for single machines via radio.  The most important features of this Radio system are: 

  • 100 metres max. capacity (on demand we can reach superior distances)
  • no delay on the machine remote control 
  • contemporary control of more machines
  • 16 selectable codes allow to have more transmittrer, one next to the other.

This Transmitter can control till 12 machines for Hunting Sport and also the Machines for Skeet. The Transmitter has 16 buttons, covered by a special serigrafied cover, that protect them from rain and dust. The container of the transmitter is made of tough plastic (ABS). Even if it can transmit to a great distance, the battery of the transmitter lasts for long.


Once you inserted the Smart-card in the Transmitter, it’s enough to press the button (or the buttons in the case of the double) of the machine, you want to release. The target cost is automatically detracted from the card.
For the control of the Skeet Machines it’s possible to enable/disable the timer. 


This Equipment doesn’t require a specific installation, but it should be joined with an already working radio system.

Standard Equipment:

  • 15 Channels Transmitter 
  • Service Cards

Options available on request:

  • Push-button Panel with letters instead of numbers 
  • Different Radio frequency to suit all the regulations of the various countries

Where can it be applied?

It can be applied in Hunting Sport ranges, where movable and distant Machines are installed. To make the Machines work with a Portable Loader for Smart-card and at least a packet of cards are necessary.