15 Machines Receiver Hunting and Skeet

Availability: On reservation

15 Machines Receiver with Wire-aerial and Power Supply which is predisposed for Token-Machine

Code: RXM15

15 Machines Receiver Hunting and Skeet


This accessory is joined with the machines for the Hunting Sport and is able to control them without using a cable. 
It’s highly suggested to use this equipment, instead of 1 Channels Receivers, when there are more machines one next to the others. Through the connection to the Token Machine, it let the range management. 


Once you connect the Receiver to the Machines, this is ready to be used. Through the button “PROGRAM” it’s joined with one or more Transmitters.


The Receivers has to be connected to the release board of the machines (till 15).

Standard Equipment:

  • 15 Channels Receiver 
  • Wired Aerial 
  • Connection cable

Options available on request:

  • Different Radio frequency to suit all the regulations of the various countries

Where can it be applied?

It can be applied in Hunting Sport ranges, where it is difficult for the cables to reach the Machines.