Manual american trap unit

Availability: On reservation

Power Supply Unit 230 V or 110 V or 12 V and Push-button Panel with 25 mt cable

Code: CAT01

Manual american trap unit


This product has been realised to control a Multidirectional or an American Trap Machine.
The horizontal and vertical movement is decided by a random timer for a brief time, so to reduce the consumptions and the ruin of the machine.


Through a Push-button Panel the release of the machine is ordered and the movement motors are automatically turned on for a random time. If you need to set the Machine with a specific angle, it is possible to control manually that position through the switches placed on the cover of the box, to fix it where you like most.


Usually the equipment is provided with the proper connectors to be inserted directly in the machine, it is enough to supply the unit and the product is ready to work.

Standard Equipment:

  • 230 V Power Supply Unit 
  • Push-button Panel with 25 m cable

Options available on request:

  • 115 Vac or 12Vcc Power Supply

Where can it be applied?

It is to be applied in American Trap ranges.


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