Automatic exchange box, microphones-lamps control and radio

Availability: On reservation

Automatic Exchange Box, Microphones-Lamps control, Radio Transmitter for Hunting Machines

Code: QSK06

Automatic exchange box, microphones-lamps control and radio


This accessory is designed to simplify installations in multidiscipline ranges. It makes it easier to pass from Trap to Skeet to Remote Hunting, with no need to exchange the connectors at the back of the Sequencer. 
The commutation is controlled by the Sequencer, which already has the necessary program. 
The Radio Transmitter allows to control the machines of the Hunting Sport spreaded in the range with no need of cables.
On the Microphones you can place a lamp which turns on when the microphone is open, showing which shooter has to call. 
The version with connectors can be mounted in already working implants without operating in preexisting connections.
The version with cables is shown by realizing the new implants, where the cables of the machines, microphones and lamps enter directly in the commutation box, making easier the implant connection.


The Box receives the order from the Sequencer to commutate the several disciplines.


The Box is provided ready to be used; it is enought to disconnect the connectors from the Sequencer and insert the new connectors; the disconnected connectors are then inserted in the Box.

Standard Equipment:

  • Exchange Box with Connectors

Options available on request:

  • 125 Vca or 12/24 Vcc Power Supply Unit

Where can it be applied?

It is applied to working ranges.