Automatic Bill Loader for Smart-Card

Availability: On reservation

Automatic Loader for Smart-cards with money (only Euro)

Code: CRT01

Automatic Bill Loader for Smart-Card

Available only for Euro currency

The Automatic Loader is a useful accessory for the people who have Token Machines with cards. 
It let the shooters recharge their cards in a completely automatic way. 
Thanks to this accessory, the shooters feel more free to recharge their cards because they’re not in front of a person who looks at them and they can control how much they spend.


The use of the Loader is very simple: it’s enough to insert one’s own card first and then the cash. 
It accept 5, 10, 20, 50 euro banknotes, that can be inserted in whatever direction. 
Moreover it shows the credit in the card.


To install the Automatic Loader you have just to connect it to the electric socket. 
This is not an "anti-burglar" Box, therefore it has to be installed in a protected place.

Standard Equipment:

  • Automatic Loader

Options available on request:

  • It works with banknotes from 50 Euro on.

Where can it be applied?

It is recommended to use it with Smart-card Token Machines.