Token-Machine Adapter up to 8 Machines

Availability: On reservation

Adapter to combine the independent Token Machine with non-predisposed machines

Code: AGF03

Token-Machine Adapter up to 8 Machines


This product is intended to serve the manual shooting ranges (Skeet, itinerant Hunting Sport, Multidirectional, etc) that don't have our equipment with an automatic payment system through the Mechanical or the Smart-card Token Machine.


When you press a release button, the credit is detracted; when the credit is over, the release button is automatically stopped.


It has to be inserted between the manual push-button panel and the release power supply unit.

Standard Equipment:

  • Unit with Connectors

Options available on request:

  • 125 Vac or 12/24 Vcc Power Supply; it works as Timer.

Where can it be applied?

It can be applied to all the Target Release Machines that are not controlled by a Token Machine.


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