Radio for sequencer control

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Radio Receiver for Sequencer control and Transmitter

Code Title Description
MST03 Radio for sequencer control Radio Receiver for Sequencer control and Transmitter

Radio for sequencer control


The accessory is connected externally to our Sequencer (including previous models), without the need of modifying to the system. 
This version with radio is ideal for multi-disciplinal shooting ranges, especially in Skeet competitions. It allows the range manager to remotely control all the functions of the Sequencer, staying in the ideal position near the shooting station.


The buttons of the remote control have the same functions oof the remote control, in addition there is also the button for the manual release.


The equipment is already provided with cables, one has simply to connect the connectors to the Sequencer.

Standard Equipment:

Radio Receiver for Sequencer 

Where can it be applied?

The Receiver can only be applied to our Sequencer.