Big color scoreboard

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Big Color Scoreboard

Code Title Description
TGC01 Big color scoreboard Big Color Scoreboard
TGM04 Big scoreboard 4 modules Scoreboard with 7 lines of 64 characters - without fixing supporters

Big color scoreboard

Main features:

  • Dimensions: for 1 x 2 mt to 3 x 5 mt
  • It can be read from over 30 mt distance 
  • High brightness which makes it visible in the direct sunlight 


The Scoreboard, together with ELFIPA system, works completely automatic. On the first line all the information about the battery is shown (e.g. battery number, round number, final, play-offs, etc.). On the other six lines all the details about the shooters are given (bib, category, nationality), along with the scores gained in the previous rounds, those in the current round and the final score. With the computer it is possible to see some other information and to use the Scoreboard for advertising purposes. .

Where can it be applied?

It can be applied directly to our Sequencer or to the External Video Interface.


Code: TGC01 Category: , , , ,
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Scoreboard Measurements 72 KB
Score Implant installation 2 MB