ELFIPA s.r.l.

Since 1985 ELFIPA has constantly been present on the most important shooting range providing electronic and informatic solutions for the global management of the shotgun sport. For many years ELFIPA has been developing a lot for the shooting range: two years ago Michele Fingolo - who is now the boss of ELFIPA together with Giuseppe Papes - had to fix an electronic sequencer of the shooting range in Santo Stino di Livenza (VE). While analyzing the product, he thought that he could improve it and therefore he created another sequencer which included a modern microprocessor inside that didn’t give any information about the sequence unlike the previous ones. Although the commissioner had considered it too expensive, the equipment was successfully proposed to other shooting ranges; in this way a new busyness began and it got Mr. Fingolo found a new enterprise with the colleague Papes with the aim of designing the electronic management of the shooting ranges. In 1996 the Italian firm arrived in Atlanta to study and project the whole management of the machines and the scoreboards linked to the shotgun sport at the Olympiads. In 2000 ELFIPA was charged with the whole electronic management of the shooting ranges in Sydney. During the 2007 World Cup in Lonato, Maribor and Belgrade the latest updated electronic management was introduced: big scoreboards on the shooting ranges, ultra-flat LCD color monitors that show scores and classifications in real time, publication of the situation in each range and of each shooter via internet. All this represents the maximum level of technique and the introduction of a modular structure which can satisfy even the needs of small ranges. 2008 season was for ELFIPA the affirmation of the consolidation of its latest and advanced installations, that means the confirmation of their technical quality and their great resistance to the continued use. ELFIPA ’s force is mainly represented by its high-level specialization in the field, the perfect combination with the best softwares and the possibility to keep under control different situations with the same quality level; for this reason the Italian firm still receives many increasing requests from small enterprises: indeed, thanks to the improvements that the shooting implants reached in the last years, each small range can be provided with electronic systems of advanced management, avoiding tiring manual classifications or staff mistakes, but mainly loading online its own shows, athletes and in most cases emerging talents. The electronic sequencer keeps on being the real core of ELFIPA ’s production, since: it enables the target release through an associated fonopull; it is predisposed for ten disciplines, among which Skeet, American Trap, Olympic Trench, Universal Trench, Double Trap and different kinds of Hunting Sport; it has an electronic ringtone, a remote control and it is suitable to whatever trap machine. The complete automation of the shooting ranges includes the use of internal and external Video Interfaces that let see the names and the scores of the people who are shooting through the LCD monitors that are placed in the shooting ranges and in the secretariat; in particular, each internal video interface gathers the data that are transmitted by the associated shooting range, communicates with the computer and controls two monitors that are placed inside the secretariat and that inform shooters and public about the competition minute after minute. GestCTV is instead a program for the complete management of the shooting ranges. The software, which is the evolution of ELFIPA ’s one (that is being used in the most important Italian ranges), let: the management of all the disciplines, the automatic receipt of the scores from ELFIPA ’s implants, the elaboration and publication of the classifications on the web in real time. To all these functions a simple use and a great range of opportunities in the data management have to be added. The entire visualization system offers public, shooters, journalists and range personal the chance to be continually updated about the competition development. The technology has become more and more advanced and goes together with the availability and the flexibility that ELFIPA shows and use to satisfy each single request, respecting the needs and the peculiarities of each customer. ELFIPA offers everyone the opportunity to personalize one’s own shooting range as one desires by creating systems with specific functions. In the near future ELFIPA is going to propose further improvements for its equipment and sophisticated applications: ELFIPA ’s real purpose is to bring a more and more advanced electronics on the ranges, which should be also easier and usable by a fewer staff and with a basic qualification.