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Code Title Description
MCS01 Microphone


This is the new Microphone which suits perfectly the shooter’s call. 
The microphone is mechanically very resistant, because it’s built in ABS (not harsh), so it resists accidental hits and falls. 
In addition the water, which can be accumulated in the microphone due to the rain, is removed through some drain holes. 
Attention!! This Microphone is not on trade, indeed its internal microphone-capsule is built following ELFIPA's specifications to be used in shooting ranges. 
ELFIPA has created a stout, elegant and innovative pedestal to support the microphone. 
This microphone is suitable to be supported by pedestals of other firms. 


Before being found on trade, all the Microphones are checked to ensure that they respond in the same way to the shooter’s call. A great functioning is assured with all kinds of voices.


The microphone is fixed in a suitable support using 2 screws and connected to the system via a 2-pole connector (not included).

Standard Equipment:

  • Microphone with fixing screws.

Recommended accessories:

  • Support bracket with screws
  • 1.5 meter cable, complete with connector