Electronic token machine with smart-cards

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Token Machine for Sequencer with 3 mt cable, without cards

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GES04 Electronic token machine with smart-cards Token Machine for Sequencer with 3 mt cable, without cards

Electronic token machine with smart-cards


The use of token machines was the first step towards the automation of the shooting ranges.
Nowadays the needs of the shooting ranges are ever bigger: for this reason ELFIPA has created an innovative type of machine with great potentialities.

Advantages of the Smart-card system:
Highest security at work (the detraction occurs only when in token machine is enable at the beginning of the round; the insertion of the card during the round or when the sequencer is off does not provoke false deductions.)
It is practical and convenient to use a card rather than the cumbersome tokens.
It is easy to use (just insert the card into the token machine to activate the station). 
Protected cards: a special code prevents the cards from being counterfeit. 
Four personalised prices for the shooters (members of the club, shooting school, etc.). 
It is possible to have different prices for the various disciplines (skeet, trap, etc.). 
Shooters’ refunds of the remaining credit, if the card is damaged or broken (it is possible to check the remaining credit of a specific card in the token machine, because the machines memorise all the transactions in the last six months.) 
The display shows the cards inserted in the token machine before the start of the round. In this way it is possible to see if someone has not inserted his/her card, avoiding so complaints from the shooters. 
Complete management of accounts. 


The new token machine works with electronic Smart-cards: these special cards have an electronic memory inside for recording data. 
The credit of the shooter and other data can be recorded through a Loader. 
You can trust on Smart-card system because its electronics has been tested, so there will never be any complaints from the shooters. The cards are protected by a special code which means that they cannot be copied or faked. 
Moreover the cards have an unique serial number, which is seen in the display of the token machines: this is done in order to avoid contrasts between the players and to have a complete automation of the shooting range. 
Once the shooter’s Smart-card has been inserted in the token machine, the cost of the round will be subtracted and at the same time the remaining credit on the card will be shown. The Smart-card machine can be set up to deduct the cost of the round according to the discipline (Trap, Double Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, etc.). 
It is possible to memorise on the card the cost of a round for every type of shooter (member, occasional shooter, etc.). 
The Smart-card token machines on the range automatically subtract the cost of the round, taking into consideration both the type of shooter and the type of shooting discipline. 
A part from adding credit to the cards, the loader is used to manage the accounts and to check the broken or the lost cards. It is possible to check up a certain card by going back to all the transactions carried out in the token machines in the last six months. 
All the cards can be personalized printing the logo of the shooting range or the one of a sponsor. 


To install the Smart-card token machine is enough to plug in its cable with the Electronic Sequencer. 
Each range has a different identifying code in order to prevent the cards from being used in other ranges...

Standard Equipment:

  • Token Machine with 3 m cable

Options available on request:

  • 115 Vac Power Supply

Where can it be applied?

It can only be applied to our Sequencer or to our hunting system.


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