Machanical Token-machine

Availability: On reservation

Token Machine for Sequencer with 5 mt cable and 200 tokens

Code Title Description
GMS01 Machanical Token-machine Token Machine for Sequencer with 5 mt cable and 200 tokens

Machanical Token-machine


The first step for a cheap automation of a shooting range corresponds to the installation of a token machine which allows shooters to be introduced automatically. The use of a Token Machine allows to reduce the number of service staff. 
The Sequencer can be set with a block on repetitions (normally 3 for one shooter, 9 for 6 shooters) in order to restrict the use of the repetition button, especially on ranges which are distant from the sight of the manager; the number of repetitions can be personalised and it’s different for each discipline. The container of the Token Machine is metallic and galvanized; it is therefore very strong, resistant. 
To make the token machine wok for a long period, all the parts have to be of excellent quality and assembled with care. 


A warning light is on to show that the token machine is ready to work; after the end of each round the Token Machine can operate. 
The shooters are automatically introduced every time a token is inserted in the machine. 
The manager of the shooting range picks up the tokens from a small drawer, which is locked with a key and only the manager can unlock it. 


To install the Mechanical Token Machine you’ve just to plug in its cable to the electronic Sequencer.

Standard Equipment:

  • Token Machine with 5 m cable 
  • 200 Tokens

Options available on request:

It is possible to chose the type of token (see the dedicated page)

Where can it be applied?

It's applied only to our Sequencer.