Universal trap unit

Availability: On reservation

Power Supply Unit 230 V or 115 V with 5 electronic Relays

Code Title Description
CFU02 Universal trap unit Power Supply Unit 230 V or 115 V with 5 electronic Relays

Universal trap unit


This equipment is used to give power to the release of the trap machines. 
Every part is produced with great care and attention: it’s made up of an external metal box, which ensures sturdiness and a long working life.
The internal electronic card consists of 5 electronic relays which offer, over a longer working life than traditional ones, a high speed in answer and a higher duration of the coils of the Trap Machines. 
Three switches on the control panel allow the machines for Double Trap to be selected.
It can be used for all types of traps which require high current for the release. 


The command signal which comes out from the electronic sequencer enters the electronic card of the power supply unit and then provides the necessary current to make the trap machine release target. A timer prevents the coils from being pressed more than necessary. 


There are essentially two cables to connect to the Trap Power Supply unit: a 6-pins cable (5 machines + common) for the release signal coming from the electronic sequencer and one from the 5 traps. The cross-section of the cables that go to the machines depends on the type of machines used. 

Standard Equipment:

  • Unit with 5 electronic relays

Options available on request:

  • 115 Vac Power Supply

Where can it be applied?

It is to be applied in the ranges with electric Target Release Machines.