Time call and delay shot control

Availability: On reservation

Dispaly and Shot Detector

Code Title Description
CTC02 Time call and delay shot control Dispaly and Shot Detector

Time call and delay shot control


This accessory has been created to help the team trainer to control the shooter’s reaction time, measuring the time which passes between the moment of the calling and the moment of the shot.
The numbers are very big and very bright, so they can be seen under the sun and at great distances. One display shows the delay time in centiseconds.
The second display shows the time that the next shooter waits for, before calling the target and let control that the 10 seconds won’t be passed, as provided by the regulation. 
The equipment is inserted in a already existent implant without the need of changes, through the machines connector perceives the moment of release and through the microphones perceives the shot.
The connectors are directly suitable to our Sequencer


The product works completely automatically; when the machine releases the target, the timer is turned on, while it is stopped when there is the shot. On the display you can check how much time has passed (in tenths of seconds).
On the second display the time keeps on running until the next call.


To install it you don't need any tool, the equipment is already provided with its cables and ready to be used.

Standard Equipment:

Control Unit with Microphones Connectors 
2 of 12 cm Monocrome Panel with 15 m cable

Options available on request:

Delayed signal between call and shot and between first and second shot (Skeet doublets)

Where can it be applied?

It is to be applied to our Sequencer.