Open-Microphone Lamp with Repeat Button

Availability: On reservation

Code Title Description
MCL01 Open-Microphone Lamp with Repeat Button

Open-Microphone Lamp with Repeat Button


This product is necessary to show the shooter through a Lamp that the Microphone is ready and the target can be called; it is usefull also to show which station is ready. 
Moreover a button for the target repetition is included and is usefull during the training shots when there is no Competition Referee. 


When the Sequencer opens the Fonopull, it sends a message to the Control Unit which turns on the Lamp.


This product has been realised to be mounted on our pedestals. 
A cable has to be brought from each station to the Exchange Box.

Standard Equipment:

  • 12V Lamp and Repetition Button

Where can it be applied?

It is applied to our implants that are predisposed with the Automatic Exchange Box.