Microphone with pedestal

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Code Title Description
Microphone with pedestal
MCP02 Pedestal for microphone
MCS01 Microphone

Microphone with pedestal


This is the new Microphone which suits perfectly the shooter’s call. 
The Microphone is mechanically very resistant, because it’s built in ABS (not harsh), so it resists accidental hits and falls. 
Attention!!: this microphone is not on trade, indeed its internal microphone-capsule is built following ELFIPA's specifications to be used in shooting ranges. 
The best at a low price! 
The pedestal has an intriguing design; it has a tough and heavy structure (the basis of 4 mm)which prevents the Microphone from falling down due to a involuntary bump. The Pedestal is made of galvanized metal and is powder coated to avoid corrosion phenomenona.

Standard Equipment:

Microphone with 3 m cable and pedestal

Where can it be applied?

It is applied to improve the aestetics of the Shooting Range.