Manual skeet unit

Availability: On reservation

Power Supply Unit 230 V or 115 V or 12 V with Push-button Panel with 40 mt cable

Code Title Description
CSM01 Manual skeet unit Power Supply Unit 230 V or 115 V or 12 V with Push-button Panel with 40 mt cable

Manual skeet unit


ELFIPA has created a special Timer to control trap machines on shooting ranges dedicated exclusively to Skeet. It can control both the traps and the signal lamps. The delay in the release goes from 0 to 3 seconds, with the possibility of setting the maximum time trough a trimmer. The release is manual and is carried out by pressing a button. Also a manual radio release version is available. Connecting the Skeet Unit to our Automatic Sequencer, it is possible to release thanks to a Fonopull. In this way, besides, the scores can be displayed on monitors and a computerised management of the competition is possible. It is possible to connect to the Skeet Unit: the Independent Token Machine or a Radio Receiver.


The trap to release is selected by pressing one of the buttons on the keypad. The appropriate signal light will then come on. A switch on the front panel is used to select whether the release of the trap will be immediate or if it will be timed (from 0 to 3 sec.). 


The installation is very easy. The connections are made directly on some terminals placed on the card.

Standard Equipment:

  • Unit with 17 electronic relays 
  • Push-Button Panel with 40 m cable 
  • 2 relays for Skeet Lamps

Options available on request:

  • 115 Vac Power Supply

Where can it be applied?

It is to be applied in Skeet ranges.