Portable loader for smart-card

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Loader with service Smart-cards

Code Title Description
GCS05 Portable loader for smart-card Loader with service Smart-cards

Portable loader for smart-card


The Portable Loader for Cards is necessary on all the shooting ranges that adopt Smart-card Token Machines.

The functions of the loader are:

  • credit loading on smart-cards 
  • specification of the type of shooter in the memory of the smart-card (member, occasional shooter, shooting school, etc.)
  • setting up of the electronic smart-card machines to deduct the cost according to the kind of discipline (Trap, Double Trap, Skeet, etc.)
  • search on the electronic smart-card machines in the range of the last record of a specific card for any necessary check (for a lost or damaged card, etc.)
  • possibility of starting through a password to avoid the use of the product by non-authorized people 


Just press the ‘On’ button to turn on the programmer, insert the card which has to be loaded, type in the amount of credit to load and press ‘OK’ to finish the procedure. The device will then switch off automatically. The display shows the operations which can be carried out, the credit on the card, the loaded credit and the total credit loaded.


The Loader is ready to be used.

Standard Equipment:

  • Portable Loader 
  • Service Smart-card

Where can it be applied?

It is required where there are Token Machines.


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