Training skeet with smart-card

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Pedestal with Fonopull, Radio Transmitter, Battery Charger and Service Card

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TRK02 Training skeet with smart-card Pedestal with Fonopull, Radio Transmitter, Battery Charger and Service Card

Training skeet with smart-card


This innovative solution enables a single shooter to train alone without having another person press the buttons for him/her. The equipment is movable and is made up of a Microphone mounted on a Pedestal, a Push-button Panel,a Fonopull, a Smart-Card reader and a Radio Transmitter.
The battery can be charged internally and let the continued used of the product for an entire day.


The shooters who want to train themselves place the Microphone near the Station, insert their own Smart-card in the proper slot; when they want to shoot, they have to push the button corresponding the Machine which has to release the Target. When they are ready, they call the target like an ordinary Fonopull; the cost of a target will be automatically detracted in the Smart-card (the cost of two targets if a doublet is released).


The equipment can be combined directly with our Receivers fixed in the machines or through the Skeet Unit with Radio.

Standard Equipment:

  • Complete Pedestal with Microphones, Fonopull, Smart-card Reader,Radio Trasmitter and Battery 
  • Battery Charger 
  • Programming Smart-Card 

Options available on request:

  • Different Radio Frequency to suit the norms of the several countries 
  • Push-button Panel with personalized functions

Where can it be applied?

It has to be applied in the Skeet ranges for the individual training.


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Manual for Remote Hunting with Smart-Card 189 KB
Remote Hunting Manual 303 KB