Computerised Automatic Sequencer Shooting-Data

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Computerized Automatic Sequencer, prepared for up to 80 disciplines, ready for the Shooting-Data system

Code Title Description
SAC02 Computerised Automatic Sequencer SD Computerized Automatic Sequencer, prepared for up to 80 disciplines, ready for the Shooting-Data system
SAC01 Computerised Automatic Sequencer Computerized Automatic Sequencer, prepared for up to 80 disciplines

Computerised Automatic Sequencer Shooting-Data


ELFIPA's Electronic Sequencer is known and appreciated all over the world for its qualities which led to its use in the ATLANTA ’96 and SYDNEY 2000 Olympics. The organisers of both events enjoyed a great success and the participating Olympic teams were very satisfied. 
The electronic sequencer is the main element of the ELFIPA 's system. It allows the targets to be released through the phonopull, which is included within the system. It is provided ready for every discipline, including Skeet, American Trap, Trap, Universal Trench, Double Trap and various remote hunting options. It has also an electronic alarm and a remote control; it can work with any kind of trap machines. 
IThe electronic sequencer for trap machines uses the most advanced electronic systems that modern technology can offer. The use of the microprocessor gives the equipment a great versatility and simplicity, together with a great reliability.

Main features:

The Sequencer is completely automatic. 
Predisposed for 40 disciplines (Universal Trench, Olympic Trench, Double Trap, Skeet, Hunting Sport...)
The phonopull is not affected by external noises (planes, echoes, etc.), sounds from the station, shots nearby and further away, or sounds for the closing of the guns and the changing cartridge cases. It offers the greatest sensitivity to the calling voice, eliminating totally the outs of time.
Possibility of excluding, after starting the round, one or more shooters who abandon the shooting station due to unforeseen circumstances, leaving unchanged the exact sequence of those who continue the round.
Possibility of placing the shooters (if there are less than 6) in the positions they prefer.
Random change of sequence at the start of every round.
The Display shows the position occupied by the shooters at the stations and the station ready for the release.
Memorisation of the situation if the round is interrupted (if there is a power cut, if the equipment is accidentally turned off, etc.).
Timed acoustic alarm of lost targets (constant duration.
Double totaliser of the targets released (total and partial). 
Personalisation on request for the various disciplines. 

ELFIPA 's Automatic Sequencer has been provided in: Italy, United States, Australia, China, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Qwait, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Slovakia, Russia, Chile, Brasil, Bolivia, Perù, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, India, Lebanon, Philippines, Malta, Cyprus, Malaysia, Luxembourg,....
The installation doesn't require any technical knowledge; one has simply to connect machines and microphones following the instructions that are reported on the instructions manual.
Predisposed to be used with the token machine 
Data output to send the information to the Video Interface or to the Scoreboard. 

Fornitura standard: 

Computerized Automatic Sequencer 230Vac
Remote Control 
15 m Plug for Remote Control FOR REMOTE CONTROL
16p Connector for the Machine Connector 
6p Connector for the Microphones Connection 
Discipline for : Trap, Universal Trench, Double Trap with Timer, American Trap, 3 Remote Hunting Options, Skeet with timer. 

Options available on request: 

125 Vac or 12 Vdc Power Supply Unit
Disciplines Personalization
Every shooting range can request personalised programs for remote hunting courses or particular types of training.
Repetitions block with the Token Machine 
Extension for Remote Control on requested lenght


Titolo Dimensione
Discipline Table for Memory CB.61.5 189 KB
Italian Sequencer Manual 2019 4 MB
English Sequencer Manual with Serial expansion 725 KB
procedura-finali-2022-en.pdf 547 KB
procedura-finali-2022-it.pdf 546 KB