External color video interface

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Video Interface for standard monitor - without monitor

Code Title Description
IEC01 External color video interface Video Interface for standard monitor - without monitor
IIC01 Internal color video interface Video Interface for 2 monitor - without monitors

External color video interface


The External Video Interface is used to see the scores of the shooters on the range, send the data to the secretary’s office and control the giant scoreboard.
This system consists of an electronic interface which gathers the data transmitted by the electronic sequencer. The monitor graphics and colour are designed to allow the reading of the data from a long distance and in high light conditions. 
When the shooting range is managed by a computer, and therefore with the GestCTV competition management program, before the start of each round the names of the shooters will appear on the monitor. The operation is completely automatic. 
You can connect till 2 standard monitors of various sizes to the interface.
An auxiliary output for the connection of another monitor is available. 
The Interface offers a significant advantage to shooting ranges, reducing the service staff and the round time. At any time the shooters can keep under control their scores and follow the competition, avoiding so any complaints. 
During trainings the number of repetitions is seen on the display, making it easy to check them. 


The Electronic Interface gathers the data transmitted by the electronic sequencer and transform them so that they can be seen on a standard monitor.
Its operation is completely automatic and any additional control isn’t necessary for its use. 


To install it, it’ s enough to plug in the Electronic Interface cable to the Electronic Sequencer plug, and finally connect the monitor to the interface.
You can use whatever standard monitor on trade, which has a “scart” plug or a composite one; also the dimensions of the monitor can be chosen according to range owner’s taste. 
ELFIPA doesn’t provide the monitors; as on trade there are many monitors with different colors and prices, we let the costumer free choice. 

Standard Equipment:

  • External Color Video Interface 

Where can it be applied?

It can be applied only to our Sequencer.


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