Internal color video interface

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Video Interface for 2 monitor - without monitors

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IIC01 Internal color video interface Video Interface for 2 monitor - without monitors
COR01 Results Concentrator

Internal color video interface


The Internal Video Interface is used to see the names and the scores of the shooters on the range.
This system consists of an electronic interface which gathers the data transmitted from the shooting range, controls 2 monitors and communicates with the computer. 
The two monitors are located inside the secretary’office and allow the spectators and the shooters to follow the competition. 
The graphics and the colour of the monitor are designed to allow the reading of the data to be read from a long distance. 
The Internal Video Interface is connected to the shooting range through a telephone cable (maximum distance is 2 km) and a computer for the competition management to be connected to it. 
The names can be displayed only if the computer has installed the GestCTV competition management program or other similar programs. Two auxiliary outputs are available for connecting two monitors.
The Internal system gives the spectators, shooters, journalists and range staff the possibility to be continually updated on the progress of the competition. 


An Electronic Interface which gathers the data transmitted from the range, processes them and sends them to the monitor and the computer.


For the installation, it is necessary to connect a telephone cable from the External Interface (on the shooting range) to the Internal Interface (secretary’s office). The monitors are connected to the electronic interface with a coaxial cable (TV cable), normally given in endowment. 
The computer has to be plugged to the interfaces through a USB socket or a suitable adapter (ARS01). Two monitors can be connected to the electronic interface to repeat the data in another place. 
ELFIPA doesn’t provide the monitors; as on trade there are many monitors with different colors and prices, we let the costumer a free choice. 

Standard Equipment:

  • Internal Color Video Interface

Where can it be applied?

It can be applied to all the ranges that present External Video Interfaces.


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Wires connection between external and internal Video Interface 83 KB
Cablaggio cavo collegamento interfacce video tra esterna e interna 27 KB