Pocket skeet

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Phonopull with Transmitter, 1 microphone and Battery Charger

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PKR01 Pocket skeet Phonopull with Transmitter, 1 microphone and Battery Charger

Pocket skeet


This innovative solution has been created to allow even a single competitor to train in a completely autonomous manner without the need to another person to press the buttons. The equipment, in addition to being pocket, is constituted by a microphone with clips attached to the push button, a Fonopull and a radio transmitter. 
The rechargeable battery inside, allowing continued use for a whole day.


The shooter who want to exercise and position the microphone close to your mouth (20-30 cm) and put in your pocket transmitter, when he wants to shoot, press the button on the machine that needs to unhook, then when it is ready called the clay as a regular fonopull, you can choose to make a single shot or automatic repeat the sequence without re-press the button.


The equipment can be combined directly with some Receivers fixed in the machines or through the Skeet Unit with Radio.

Standard Equipment:

  • Complete Transmitter with Microphones and Rechargeable Battery and Charger
  • Battery Charger 

Options available on request:

  • Different Radio Frequency to suit the regulations of the several countries 
  • Push-button with personalized functions

Where can it be applied?

It has to be applied in the Skeet ranges for the individual training.


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