Universal Fonopull

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Fonopull 230Vac and 12/24Vdc

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FPU01 Universal Fonopull Fonopull 230Vac and 12/24Vdc

Universal Fonopull


For some years ELFIPA has successfully created a Fonopull to control just one machine, when the shooter calls. To this Fonopull can be connected till 5 microphones to control just one machine (Multidirectional, American Trap, rabbit, etc.).
It is suitable to small shooting ranges, Hunting ranges and groups of shooters who don’t go to shooting ranges; it works with all kind of Trap machines.
On request, we can adapt the product to different needs.


The Universal Fonopull has a Timer inside which assures a precise interval between a call and another, a time which is necessary to reload the machine. The Microphones sensibility is obtained adjusting a Potentiometer. 
The peculiarity of this Potentiometer is that it cannot be accidentally turned, because it doesn’t lean out from the container. The Universal Fonopull is made up with good quality equipment and ELFIPA's electronics inside it ensures a perfect functioning as the shooters call. The Automatic Token Machine can be connected to automate the shooting range. 
Moreover it’s possible to select the timed output for the use of Double Trap disciplines. 


The Universal Fonopull controls the machine, closing a contact, but you can request that the release command is an electrical impulse. 
The Microphones are connected with jack plugs of the best quality. 
The Universal Fonopull can be supplied by the machine power supply unit or by the voltage system.

Standard Equipment:

  • 25 m Extension for Machine Connection (for all models)
  • Universal Fonopull

Options available on request:

  • 115 Vac or 12/24 Vcc Power Supply

Where can it be applied?

It’s used with Multidirectional Machines with temporary or fixed installation. 
It’s used also with Double Trap implants.


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